Red coix seed white bean tea Clearing damp Use with cupping Treat obesity edema food for health care

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Flavored Tea
Herbal Tea
Basil Tea
Bagged Tea
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Blended, Fresh
Health Tea
Bag, Box
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18 Months
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China (Mainland)
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Healing plant
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Clearing damp
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Large carton:(9.5*17.7*9.2cm)
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 [Name]: red coix seed white bean tea
 [Product efficacy]: remove moisture, white tongue, feel cold. Eczema, cold feet, swollen ankles, heavy body, joint pain, etc. 
 [Ingredients]: Coix seed, lentils, peppercorns, galangal, red beans. 
 [Shelf life]: 18 months 
 [Outer packing]: paper box size 13*8*5.7cm 
 [Inner packing]: aluminum coating 
 Our product: 
Our ”coix seed red bean tea”, “red and black bean tea”(red coix seed white lentil tea), makes scientific and reasonable collocation with Chinese traditional Chinese tea. 
Assistant and guide: you represent the emperor, and the minster represents your subjects. 
A country and a prescription are the same, with the emperor as the main material, with the subject as a supplementary material.
Disease risk
The theory of TCM holds that the human body is a balanced organic whole, and the weak is the imbalance of Yin and yang.
The cold body is overcast in the body, resulting in the imbalance of Yin and Yang.
<Wet Specific performance>:
The viscera is drooping, the nutrient digestion and absorption function is weakened, so that the body is absorbing less heat, the body is cold.
Lazy and fat,Acne and pachulosis.
The result of this article show that cupping with bloodletting can promote blood circulation and alleviate edema dredge the channels and collaterals to relieve pain, expel the cold and dampness.
 Don't often drink won't feel thirsty, often feel weak and fatigue, pale, lip color light, afraid of the cold, afraid of blowing, hand and food icy cold, like to drink hot drinks, eat hot food, often diarrhea, often urinate and light color, often late month, blood clots, tongue reddish in color. 

How can you tell if you are wet or cold?

1. The toilet has residual urine, the urine amount is very little.

2. Urination is difficult and the lower abdomen is resistant.

3. Physically weak, unable to withstand long hours of work and housework.

4. The body cold.

5. It's too cold to fall asleep in the fall.

6. The lower extremities were particularly cold.

7. Prone to fire, dizziness, thirst.

8. In the evening, the feet were swollen.

9. After standing for a long time, the feet feel like wood.

10. Often there is fatigue and boredom. Low back pain.

11. He often runs to the bathroom at night.

If you have any of these symptoms, you should be careful. The cold has invaded your body. Some measures should be taken to regulate the body.

 Our mission: 
Traditional Chinese medicine is mainly to regulate and strengthen the body. It helps the body to heal itself and improve the body’s ability to teal itself. It increases body resistance and reduces the chance of recurrence.

Collocation method:

Recently in Rio DE janeiro

Olympic venues, in addition to brave and there is a “Chinese seal” became a beautiful scenery line on the pitch, and become the focus of foreign media reports, hot social media quickly, you have a refresh by it? These round, colored, thick or weak marks of foreign athletes are left behind by cupping.

 I believe many foreign friends have learned about China's cupping!
But you know what? In china, cupping is used clearing damp! We recommend this tea cupping, clearing damp is very good!

Adopt simple and environment-friendly packaging. 
Simplicity is also a life attitude! It will leave unlimited possibilities for future generations. 
One box for every 30 bags(10 days) 
Each box is only one sealing bag; 
No inner pockets, no line marks, outside bags.
It's that simple!
Each box can reduce carbon emissions by 0.06 metric tons
Intravenous drip minor
Start with me.

 Because the swimmer has been in the air humidity a lot of place, so inside the inside of the internal viscera inside the moisture can be very big! If the humidity is to high, you will feel weak when you swim. So there is saying in China: not all wet and light. (it means that there is no moisture in the body, and the body will feel relaxed and coordinated.)Therefore, I strongly recommend that foreign friends who enjoy swimming must prepare this herbal tea! 
If you’re afraid of cupping! Then I like this tea more! It will be integrated onto your life, your health partner!
Drinking method

     1. (tea bag) in the cup! (don't tear up the tea bag.)
     2. A bag of tea bags = bubble 120ml - 150ml water! Add tea bags according to the proportion of water.
     Suggestion: have the condition, slightly boil, the effect is stronger, the effect is better;
     Share: the suggestion is lukewarm hot time drink, completely cold taste is not very good to drink ~

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Q: what is the difference between Chinece health tea and medicine and health nutrition?

      Answer: in China, the food can be divided into three levels roughly:

1homology of medicine and food (no side effects, it has good nutritional value, improve symptoms);

2.Health food (has the effect to treat disease, but has some side effects and hazards);

3.Drugs (great therapeutic effect, but also has great side effects of food)

      Our health tea using drug homologous as raw materials, raw material is both can be used as food, also can be used as pharmaceutical raw materials, low risk taking. At the same time retain contribution, also on the palate, When drinking, can insist on drinking, can also regulate the body, replace daily tea drinking coffee is not health drink.


Q: Why isn’t the product purified? Is it more convenient to drink?

     Answer: everything is balanced. Just as every food chain is complete, one must not! Each plant has its own nutritional value. Whether it’s a trunk, a root, a flower. Because plants grow in pollution-free environments, they balance their own nutritional structure. In order to maintain the nutritive structure of the plant, Chinese traditional health care tea does not deliberately purify a certain nutrient element, nor does it deliberately add chemical synthetic additives to the aesthetic. All we do is to reduce the burden of the liver and to integrate the natural way of the body and restore health. This is the essence of Chinese herbal tea drinking.


Q: after drinking, how often do you see the effect?

     Answer: because we’re using al the same herbs, not purified. Everything is the gift of nature, from the mysterious force of primitive nature. The product is made of pure natural plant raw materials, without purification and nutritional diversity. Nutrient purity is not high, does not have a burden to the body! Herbs are also more conducive to liver breakdown and body absorption. The drug does not increase the burden of the body, slowly improving your physical condition, usually through our clinical verification, in 28 days can see good effect!


Q: why do some customers say the tea is very light?

       Answer: because we are pure herbs, herbs mean: no added pigment, no flavoring, etc. chemical synthesis additives. Use pure leaf, fruit, root. By washing, drying, breaking, pasteurization, secret recipe!

And because the plants didn’t ferment! The technology such as stir fry, so part of according to the product is not Fried when cooking, can’t make green tea black tea the brunet of the same!

     Our product don’t have any color when they are free of natural pigments! For example, poria cocos white, can’t make the color!

     But, we won’t compromise the law by adding pigment or anything like that!

What we do is to keep healthy food, natural food more healthy food, we don’t want every costomer’s cup is a pile of chemical synthesis material! I prefer that they drink from the gift of nature! Advantaged!


Q: why do some customer say tastes are weak?

     Answer: the taste is light is the personal taste problem, as some people eat vegetables like salt more, also have less salt! The youth level is different, the taste is different! The only solution: if you think the flavor is light, pack a few more bags! There is a lot of water.